Avon’s Tint ‘N Go

Today I decided to post another Avon Product Review.  I find products reviews to be helpful when people are needing a little extra help in deciding if they want to try a certain product.

Being that I love makeup that is easy to apply as well as quick; I wanted to try Avon’s “Tint ‘N Go“.

I love the idea of having a dual application product.  Available in the 4 colors of Nude, Sunny, Berry and Spicy;  Tint ‘N Go can be applied to cheeks and lips.   I choose the Berry, in case you were wondering.  It goes in very smooth but remember this is a tint.  Does not go on very dark on the lips, only tints them.  Very creamy and smooth.  I loved the Berry color.  Great product if you are always on the go and need quick color on cheeks and lips.

The only issue that I had with this product, besides not realizing it was small, was when applying it would go back up into the tube.  I tried rolling it out a little farther and also holding it at different points on the tube.

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