I wanted to a write a short post to show you something from my son. 

I made the heart wrenching decision about a years ago, during the divorce, to let my son live with his father.  Mediation was not working, we were on our way to court and at 6 years old, my son cried all the time because he didn’t understand mommy and daddy not being together anymore.  His dad was being a butt munch, so to stop all the fighting and not have to drag my son through any more of this nasty stuff, I decided that I would have to say “uncle” and let him stay.  Now, for anyone in his family that may have found my blog and are reading this right now….I know, I know…. I shouldn’t be calling his dad a “butt munch”…well, Get over it!  It was tearing my son apart and that was deciding factor for me.  From that sunny April day in 2010 until now, my son and I speak every night on the phone before he goes to bed.  We talk about how is day went, what he did in school and what he’s learning in the 3rd grade.  Even through the heart-break and tears, this experience has made the relationship between me and my son even closer than what I could have imagined even possible.

Fast forward to December 2011, the 16th to be exact, I pick up my son in Tallahassee for the Christmas holiday.  We are so excited to see each other.  He gets out of his dad’s car and hurls himself into the arms of his sister because he hasn’t seen her since the summer.  After hugs and kisses from his sister, my sweet 8-year-old son is in my waiting arms again.  I’ve missed him so much I feel as if I could squeeze him until his eyes pop out but that wouldn’t be good.  Might be hard to get his eyes to stay in after that.  We get his bags loaded into the car and start our 5 hour drive back to our house.  He talks the ENTIRE way home.  I don’t care though, I’m just so happy I’m getting to spend a few days with him.  He tells me he has a card for me and hands me a folded piece of green construction paper with a few stickers and a cut out Christmas tree on the front.

Here it is:

Front cover of Christmas card

Front cover of Christmas card


Inside Christmas card at the top


Inside Christmas card at the bottom

I couldn’t ask for anything more than this Christmas card made from green construction paper. 
Happy Holidays from my family to yours,

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