So far so good with my Avon venture. 

I’ve been an Avon rep now for almost a month and haven’t pulled my hair out or killed anyone.  That’s always a good thing.  Getting stocked up on samples and trying different products, I love that.  Business is going pretty good.  I’m working at it slowly as I still have full-time jobs that I’m also doing.  

Every two weeks, I’m so excited to get my boxes of goodies to give out to my customers.  We get addicted to getting those boxes from the USPS.  Some of us actually run out to meet the truck; not me.  I do meet them at the door though.  :)

If you are interested in trying samples and giving my your opinions, let me know.  I’m always interested in what other people think in our products.   Like everything, some people will love it and some….not so much.









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