Please indulge me while I rant for a few moments about something that really peeves me to no end. 

The entire weekend I had to work at the Assisted Living Facility and the kids and BF were at home.  Yesterday, when I got off of work I came straight home because we were going to BF’s parents house for dinner, so I didn’t notice much of anything at my house.  I came in took a shower and we left.  My oldest daughter did not go because we think she may have pink eye.  My BF’s parents are so sweet, I love them to death.  They are all so smart and have the most interesting conversations. 

Anywho, I stumble to the kitchen at 6 am this morning to make coffee and the sink is FULL of dishes, the stove has dishes piled up on it and the counters I do believe.  AT this point I’m not really sure because I was temporarily blinded by frustration and just plain fury of the mess that was left for me.  UGH!  So, at 6 am this morning I’m carrying on like a lunatic because EVERYONE was at home the entire weekend, but me mind you, and the dishes are still sitting there.  It’s not like all the dishes had to be washed by hand, we have a dishwasher, besides me of course. 

Frustrating to say the least. 








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