It’s tough around the holidays when you are divorced and have kids.  Trying to figure out when both parties will have the kids, where and when to pick up/drop off, realizing you only have a very small window of time to spend together.  It’s enough to give me a major headache and also make me incredibly depressed, thinking about my son having to go back to his dad’s.   

I decided back in 2009 that I couldn’t drag my son thru court and decided to concede and let him live with his dad, ex #2.  That was the hardest decision that I’ve had to make and I still, 2 years later, feel the anger maybe it’s still rage towards my ex.  The sight and sound of him still makes me physically ill.  So now in this month of November, I am having to play nice with ex #2 and figure out a schedule of when to pick up my son and when he has to go back to his dad’s, etc.  I’d rather chew my own arm off than be nice to the ex.  Maybe that feeling will change with time…or maybe not. 

Time will tell.







2 ex’s, 2 dogs and 3 kids later…..Total ramblings that are personal and sometimes even thought-provoking


About Donna

A mom, girlfriend, daughter, sister and friend, a dreamer and soul of fire for life. I am a meditation, personal growth and positive attitude junkie. I am 2015 Spirit of Avon Award Winner and President's Club since 2012.

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  1. Shelly Ford says:

    Just dropping by to say so far I think your blog looks good! Since you’re on WordPress & I’m on Blogger, I don’t know how your interface works. I barely know how mine One thing I DID notice, though not sure if it’s important?? To my left…where you’ve got your “Networked Blogs” widget, the text underneath appears to maybe be a link, or ??? If those are links, they aren’t working. Like I said, I’m not sure they’re supposed to go anywhere, but if not links, I’d delete them from your space. Best of luck to you—-I enjoy reading your posts!

    • I saw that too but didn’t have time to play with it this morning; had to go to work. I am going to look at it again. Since I’m on I can’t have the widget with java script so the pictures won’t show. :( I think I’ll have to since and be self hosted or go to blogger. :)

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