I have come to realize that there are some things that I just can’t do anymore or that just not as good at now as I once was or tasks that I simply do not have the patience to endure any longer.  That being said, I’m starting a list of some of the things that I’ve done recently that I now know maybe I should just give up doing.  I find this list humorous because at one time, a long time ago, I wouldn’t have thought twice about these things. 

BowlingMy BF and I took my youngest daughter bowling, on Saturday, only for me to realize that I’m still an awesome player now suck at it.  I bowled years ago, when I was younger, and never was really GOOD then but now it’s even worse, if that’s even possible.  I also find that I want to win at any cost.  Competitive much?!?!

Bars:  They are too loud for me now. I remember a time when going to a bar, having a drink and dancing the night away was the greatest fun….now it’s just annoying because the music is too loud and there is always some drunk trying to talk to me. 

 Staying up late:  When I have the weekend off, I always want to stay up late but never can seem to make it.  I’m ready to go to bed by 9 pm at the latest.  Of course, that’s probably because I get up at 4 am and every other week work 7 days a week.  It’s tough but you do what you gotta do, right?

Grocery Shopping:  I put this on the list simply because I have no patience at the grocery store.  People are rude.  If you see your friend at the store that you haven’t seen in 20 years, don’t stop in the middle of the isle to catch up on old times.  Please move out of the way.  I have things to do.  My BF and I try to avoid grocery shopping at all costs.  We actually wait until we have NOTHING else to eat before going to the store. 

Drinking:  I have never really been a person that drinks very much any way but now I can’t even drink 1 glass of wine without falling asleep.   Basically if I am having a glass of wine while we are in conversation; I will fall asleep in the middle of that conversation.  I can just about guarantee it. 

Exercise:  When I was younger I absolutely loved hated to exercise and still do.  I have been on an exercise kick every now and then, like everyone else, but now I have absolutely no interest in it.  Exercise gets in the way of other important activities such as watching talk shows on tv.  When I have a day off of work, I certainly don’t want to be exercising.  It’s too much like work.  Oh, they say you’ll feel better but I’m always more tired than when I started.  Although, I have to say, I do love yoga. 

What are the things that you no longer do as you have gotten older?  Someone please tell me that I’m the only one that avoids certain activities/places  as I’ve gotten older. 







2 ex’s, 2 dogs and 3 kids later…..Total ramblings that are personal and sometimes even thought provoking


About Donna

A mom, girlfriend, daughter, sister and friend, a dreamer and soul of fire for life. I am a meditation, personal growth and positive attitude junkie. I am 2015 Spirit of Avon Award Winner and President's Club since 2012.

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  1. Shelly Ford says:

    Oh can I relate to the grocery store! I abhor going, and most of my friends/family don’t “get” it. There are more & more rude, clueless people everywhere…just my opinion. I always talk about the grocery store “etiquette” too, so found your article funny. People that want to ponder cake mix for 30 minutes need to realize that the store didn’t open it’s doors that day JUST for them! The rest of us have stuff to do!!!

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