I read an interesting article on AOL regarding sexless marriages.  The article states that 10 to 20 percent of the relationships in the U.S are “sexless”. 

Being happy with your relationship is the key. I don’t believe there is a right or wrong amount of sex in a relationship as long both partners are happy.  It’s when one of the partners are unhappy that the trouble begins. 

Are you in a “sexless” marriage/relationship?  Are you happy with it?         

Article: Are Sexless Marriages and Relationships Normal?

Another Interesting Article:  The Fine Line Between Marriage and Divorce









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  1. […] In all probability one of many biggest problems with marriage is the fact that it's a must to reside together with your spouse. LOL In fact I say that jokingly (form of) but should you're looking for the reply to the query how to repair a relationship after a fight then you definately in all probability can respect such a joke.The truth is, you realize exactly How to fix a relationship after a fight.Fights are nothing new between any two people who have a relationship of any sort. Whenever independent minds get collectively, there is going to be battle of wills, intentions, and opinions. It is natural.Now after all there are wrong method and proper ways to fight. Abuse is never acceptable, neither bodily or verbally…by both partner. Should you're being abused then it's important to critically consider leaving the connection immediately and presumably taking authorized action.If not, and your relationship is in any other case wholesome, then you're in all probability studying this text because of constant preventing and never only one incident.If it has been only one incident then I counsel that you just chalk it up to an expertise and discuss with your companion about regardless of the combat was about when things cool down.Be sure to use the 2 issues on the side of your head called ears. These are the most important tools that you've in your relationship.Should you're questioning easy methods to fix a relationship after a battle as a result of this has just been considered one of many fights then you definitely most likely need to contemplate taking action to make your marriage or relationship a happier place for both you and your different half to be.There very effectively may be some things that aren't being correctly communicated between the 2 of you. In actual fact, I can nearly guarantee that's what it is.However do not begin out pointing the finger at your spouse. The first thing that it is advisable to do is do some truthful reflecting and work out what fuel you are pouring into the fire. In case you look close enough, and sincere enough, there's a good probability that you will see more than you thought you would.Only as soon as that's accomplished is it time to go into a candid dialog together with your partner and really take heed to what's on their mind. If they are not willing to speak about it, then the very best thing that you are able to do is let them know that you're involved, and that you'd love a chance to speak about it, and hearken to what they must say. That sentence will be key…as a result of no person likes to be talked to lectured, but everybody loves to speak and inform their side. Mouse here for Related LinksAre you in a sexless marriage or relationship? […]

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