Welcome to another posting of Wine and Love hosted by Walking with Nora.  This is where we post, every Thursday,  about the things that have made us want to reach for a glass (Wine) or raise our glass ( Love).  I hope you enjoy the posts. Why don’t you join us and link up at Walking with Nora

I, personally, am determined that my “Wines” will always be less than my “Loves”.  There has GOT to be more to “Love” than “Wine” about.






Grab a glass…or two (Whine):

  • Waiting at the doctor’s office.  There is always a screaming kid and no one consoling him/her, gotta love it.
  • Waiting at the doctor’s office to have a form completed all the while listening to the screaming kid.  THEN a day later finding out the doctor’s office didn’t fill out the form correctly.  UGH!  Sometimes you just gotta know when to give up.  :)
  • We never know what we want to dinner.  It’s the same conversation every night.  Never know what we want to cook or even if we DO want to cook.  Eventually we end up with “Grab it and Growl”.  :)
  • Mosquitoes.  They are so thick here you get swarmed every time you walk outside. 

Raise your glass (Love):

  • Went fishing with the family on Saturday.  What great fun.  I didn’t fish because I didn’t want my hands to be stinky.  :)
  • My BF meeting the new guy across the street.  I swear the guy NEVER wears a shirt.  Must not own one.  I put this under “Love” because it was so hilarious how every time we come home my BF would see this guy and say “He never wears a shirt. Don’t be driving by just to look at him.”  Priceless.  :)
  • Nachos
  • Daughter took me bowling.  I suck at bowling just as much as she does but I beat her.  :)
  • Yoga.  Been out of practice for a while but am getting back slowly.  I have to do something, when I move it feels like I’m 90 or at least 85. 
  • A night with no snoring from the BF.  This is MAJOR.  I haven’t had a good nights sleep in about a week.  I ended up taking one of his pillows from him and that seemed to help.  Apparently he wasn’t too frightened by the threat of me smothering him with his pillow. 

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2 ex’s, 2 dogs and 3 kids later…..Total ramblings that are personal and sometimes even thought provoking


About Donna

A mom, girlfriend, daughter, sister and friend, a dreamer and soul of fire for life. I am a meditation, personal growth and positive attitude junkie. I am 2015 Spirit of Avon Award Winner and President's Club since 2012.

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  1. BAHAHAHA Totally cracked up about the snoring thing! Mine sounds like a CHAIN SAW some nights. Drives me CRAZY.
    Fishing looks fun! I miss M SO MUCH! I wish you guys loved closer!
    And TOTALLY feelin ya on the doctors office… I had a NIGHTMARE of a doctor for my hysto… sooooo glad that is OVER!
    See ya next week!!

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