I wanted to write a little about why I became a Nursing Assistant.  My goal is to someday return to school and complete the RN course but at this moment I’m happy with being an assistant.  Plus, since I’m just beginning to work again, I need to save money to start school. 

My Calling:  I believe we all have a calling.  I knew from the time that I was a little girl that I wanted to be a nurse but never persued it and no one pushed me to reach for that dream.  I never listened to that calling.

Care Taker:  I have always been the care taker in my family.  Even as a teenager.  It felt very right and comfortable.  There again, never listened to the calling.  See the pattern? 

My daughters:  In trying to make my oldest daughter see that she needed to go to college, she said “You never went to college and you turned out just fine”.  Hmmmm, or this is a good one, “Mom, You’ve always wanted to be a nurse, why didn’t you go to college?”.   I hope that I’ve shown her no matter your age you can and should go to school. 

Love for the Elderly:  Let’s face it.  We are not getting any younger.  The older population is getting larger and they are in need of help.  I love working with the elderly.  They have such wisdom and stories.  The things that they have seen are incredible.  I, being the daughter of an elderly father, want someone to care and help him the way that I’m helping others.  I’m a firm believer in you get back what you put into the universe. 

I wanted the “grunt” work:  No one ever says that, huh?  It’s true.  The real reward comes seeing the look on someone’s face when you truly are filling a need that they have.  It may be helping someone with a shower, the toliet or helping someone grocery shop.

These are my reasons for being a nursing assistant and I’m sure this list will multiply with time.   We all have a calling and special gifts to share with others.  Do what you love and love what you do. 

Have a great day,

2 ex’s, 2 dogs and 3 kids later…..Total ramblings that are personal and sometimes even thought provoking.


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About Donna

A mom, girlfriend, daughter, sister and friend, a dreamer and soul of fire for life. I am a meditation, personal growth and positive attitude junkie. I am 2015 Spirit of Avon Award Winner and President's Club since 2012.

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  1. Rachael says:

    This is wonderful. I agree that we all have a calling. I’m glad you are heeding the call. :)

  2. Reviewer11 says:

    I wish you luck and may God guide you! Being a nurse with a very noble and wonderful profession. :)

    Stopping by from SITS to show you my support! :D

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